30 May 2008

27 May 2008

22 May 2008

SF Chronicle

The SF Chronicle's weekend section, 96 Hours, used one of my photographs for their cover today. Photo credit and everything. It's one of the shots I did for the "Attack of the Killer B-Movies" series of plays going on in SF right now. Hooray!

13 May 2008

Help me be a winner.


A while ago, I sent my pics in to one of my favorite blogs and somehow I ended up in the contest for "Hottest Photo Assistant." I want to win! I have no idea what the prize is but I want it! You can vote once every 12 hours until next Monday. So....vote every 12 hours, yo. Pleeeeease!?? Come on, it'll be hilarious. She put three of my pics up and I say the last two are the best. Just scroll down toward the bottom of the page. I hope my link works....send it to everyone, for reals.

People seem to think I'm winning, but on the first page of shots, there's some dude with a monkey who is kicking my ass. I need people to vote on every computer they have, twice a day. I will do whatever favors you need. Or not.

Thanks, y'all!


And also, on a sad note, RIP Robert Rauschenberg...I heart.

01 May 2008