25 February 2010

Just because he's flesh and blood.

I made a new friend today. His name is Jeero. Hello, Jeero.

16 February 2010

11 February 2010

Mr. McQueen

It almost seems tacky to blog or tweet or status update "RIP Alexander McQueen," just because it looks like everyone is doing it. But he was a real, true hero of mine and I'm so sad that he is no longer here in body. One of the best moments of my life happened nearly four years ago when I was lucky enough to get an invite to his show in Paris (thank god for well-connected friends). It was the season after the whole Kate Moss controversy and McQueen staged a giant glass pyramid in the middle of his runway in which Kate appeared in holographic form during the finale. The editors and buyers and glitterati went bananas and I screamed right along with them. I still get goosebumps thinking about it. Here's one of the amazingly inspired looks from the show, as well as a dumb shot of me being flabbergasted on the runway afterward. I hope you found peace, Lee.

10 February 2010

04 February 2010