21 June 2011

new blog

So I've avoided Tumblr since it started, but I'm kind of getting tired of people taking images from this blog and posting them on Tumblr without any link back to here. So I'm heading over there in the vague hope that...I don't know. I'll get recognition? Have a sense of authorship? Probably not. But I'm going there anyway.


If you are worried.

30 April 2011

Telling me you miss me.

two drawings, each 11x14 graphite on bristol board

29 April 2011

14 April 2011

Opn Studios this weekend!

For the three of you who follow me here, if you happen to be in SF, you should swing by the Mission this weekend and say hi. I'm showing photos and drawings I've been working on for the last year or so. And there will probably be candy.

27 March 2011

19 March 2011

12 February 2011