28 February 2009

Popped up again.

My images popped up again on the Men and Photographer blog. February has been a crazy month: showing up on a few blogs, seeing the advance copy of the To The Last Man book that Kent Taylor and I did for Bruno Gmunder (I got the front and back covers, which is totally exciting), seeing the release of the first Lucky Jesus CD (my pics were used for the cover and inner sleeve) and getting approached for some big projects later in 2009. I feel good, which is a nice change, really.

24 February 2009

17 February 2009

Beautiful Mag.

Last year I photographed Mario Campanaro, actor, model, and all-around nice guy. Today the pictures have been posted on Beautifulmag.eu. The site is definitely a Not Safe For Work kind of deal, unless you work in my industry or work from home. I'm happy the pictures are finally out in the world. Thanks, guys!

16 February 2009

14 February 2009

Men and Photographer.

I was posted up on the blog Men and Photographer yesterday. It's basically a collection of photographers who shoot beautiful men: some fashion, some snapshot, some porn-ish. I've discovered some great artists on the site and I'm so happy to be included in their ranks. Thanks, Nguyen!

09 February 2009

08 February 2009

06 February 2009

05 February 2009

03 February 2009